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My name is Raddy. I have been working with patients recovering from VASER Liposuction since April 2010. In my treatments I implement various massage and skin manipulation techniques to assist your body in processing toxins build up, swelling, fluid accumulation, skin retraction, break down scar tissue, etc.

Patients attending aftercare treatments with me would start their recovery journey from 24-48 hours following their surgery.

A very important element in the recovery is choosing the correct inserts and the correct compression garments. 
Over the years I worked and tested many brands and garments designs. I visited operating theatres and observed cosmetic and surgical procedures.

This combined experience drove me to design and create the best corset - a wrap around insert that is on the market. A design like no other - born with the patient in mind - to provide support but not obstruct lymph drainage, to keep body upright and press skin down so it would adhere in the right place. To reduce negative spaces and reduce fluid pockets, to reduce the possibility of a seroma becoming incapsulated so it doesn't compromise skin retraction. The benefits are so many…

The foam corset/vest wraps around the body and can be adjusted with the use of strips of 'hook & loop' closure. But it must be worn underneath a compression garment.
And to complete the set, we have curated a carefully selected designs of compression garments to give you, the patients, the ultimate support during those first tough weeks of you recovery.

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