About us

Science. Knowledge. Experience.

Raddy Dimitrova, founder of BOD® Garments.

I am known in the industry for providing Aftercare and MLD treatments for patients recovering from cosmetic surgery.

My experience spans over more than 13 years of treating patients recovering from: VASER Liposculpting, Liposuction, J-Plasma, Abdominoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Uplift.


Years in the making with much research, product design and development, manufacturing, testing and trialling. I listened to patients and took their feedback on board. I’ve been going into operating theatres 2-3 times a month for as long as I’ve been treating patients. Understanding surgical procedures helps me deliver and apply an individual approach to my treatments for each patient. But it also helped in curating a range of compression garments and inserts to be applied on the body and to address issues such as skin creases, skin folds, seroma accumulation, and the bruising and swelling associated with surgery.
BOD® Compression Garments are made from a high-end knitted fabric composed of 49% Spandex and 51% Nylon, providing tactile properties contributing to better fabric performance.
Benefits include a softness next-to-skin and lightweight construction, faster drying times and increased strength and durability.
In addition, - Crotchless, Breathable, Flatlock seams, Seamless edges, Non-Fray Fabric, Retain elasticity after multiple washes.