Compression Garment - size guide

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Compression garments made from a high end knitted fabric composed of 49% Spandex and 51% Nylon, to provide the tactile properties that contribute to better fabric performance.
Benefits include a softness next-to-skin and a lightweight construction, faster drying times and increased strength and durability.


Women's Size Chart Conversion



International Sizing Bust Your Waist Your Hips Thighs
4 - 6 S (Small)

34" - 36"

86cm - 91cm

26” - 28”

66cm - 71cm

35” - 38”

89cm - 97cm



8 - 10 M (Medium)

36" - 38"

91cm - 97cm

28” - 31”

71cm - 78cm

38” - 40”

97cm - 102cm



12 - 14 L (Large)

38" - 40"

97cm - 102cm

31” - 34”

78cm - 86.4cm

40” - 43”

102cm - 109cm




We advise you purchase a compression garment that is close to your pre-op size.

Yes we know, you are having lipo and your surgeon is going to suck that unwanted fat out, and you will be smaller, BUT you must take into account all the exess fluid that remains in the tissue  for a week or so after the surgery. Your body will naturally reabsorb/process most of it over the period of 1-4 weeks, but you will be wearing a compression garment 24/7 so it has to be a good fit from day 1.

Use the guide below to measure yourself (Under bust, Waist line, over the Hip bones).

  Measure circumferentially, but have the tape sit around the body loosely rather than too tight. If it is too tight - the reading will not be accurate and the size you pick based on that may come too small for you.


Tip: Sometimes it isn't so easy to work out which would be the right fit, so here is a tip - if not all of the measurements fall into the same box, it might be practical to pick according to the size that 2 out of 3 areas fall into.
As an example - You are having 360 lipo (abdomen and flanks), but your pre op waist measurements fall in the Large, whilst the other two areas are in size Medium. We feel a Medium will be your size because it already fits two areas that will not be changed after the lipo (Hips and Under-bust/ribcage)
If you are unsure, please let us know and we will be happy to help. Direct line to Raddy - 07377416468